Learning about Nutrition

Four 50-minute lesson plans that include entertaining experiments, activities (plus Jeopardy® review assessment on PowerPoint), HBD theme song, and stickers to engage kids in being more aware of food and how it affects their everyday health.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Nutrition Unit: Overview of Content and Materials

    • Nutrition Lesson: Overview of Content

    • Nutrition Lesson: Downloads

  • 2

    Lesson one: Whole Food vs Processed Foods

    • Teacher's Notes

    • Lesson one: Whole Food vs Processed Foods

  • 3

    Lesson two: What is a Nutrient?

    • Teacher's Note

    • Lesson 2: What is a Nutrient?

  • 4

    Lesson three: Reading Food Labels

    • Teacher's Note

    • Lesson 3: Reading Food Labels

  • 5

    Lesson four: What are Organic Foods?

    • Teacher's Note

    • Lesson 4: What are Organic Foods?